Corporate Mission

Corporate Mission & Vision Statement

Corporate Vision

We commit ourselves to make the Summit Signature Group of Hotels to be the region’s exclusive and premier leisure guesthouses & resorts through our exceptional customer service.

Corporate Mission

I. Our mission is to cultivate and develop a successful chains of hotel establishment and warmth environment.

II. To enhance and train a team of professional hotelier to be committed and dedicated to spearhead their best effort in our group of hotels and hospitality business.

III.To constantly innovate and be competitive in our approaches, strategies, product & services so to provide the best value and offering to our clienteles and general publics.

Thereafter the management has streamlining and dedicated their achievement in the following areas to attain good result:

✔ Market sources and standing
✔ Profitability
✔ Physical and financial resources
✔ Productivity
✔ Continuous growth
✔ Innovation
✔ Managers and workers performance, attitude and development
✔ Public and community responsibility

We are committed to maintain our leadership in the hotel industry by providing excellence Customer Service as perceived by our Patron and always ready to exceed their expectations without compromising the industry standard.

Company’s Creed

  • We pledged to develop a harmonious workplace with teamwork and family spirit.
  • We will provide the best products and services that offer true values and satisfaction to our customers.
  • We committed to environment friendly and continuously be cost conscious.
  • We shall assist employees to develop their potential and be successful in their career goals.
  • We pledged continuously to enhance our shareholders worth and consequently provide the platform for us to grow together with the Company.
  • We are committed to be good citizens and handle ourselves professionally.

    Company’s Belief

  • To be proactive in all our dealing.
  • Be competitive in our industry.
  • Be innovative and dynamic in our course of consumer sentiment.
  • Be actively perfect in our customer service.
  • Take leadership and makes thing happen.
  • Always keeping abreast and in touch to customer development.
  • Be involve and manage accordingly for personal growth.
  • Exercising excellence public relationship skill.
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